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Research & Development Center

In order to meet the needs of the company’s development and ensure the core competitiveness of the company, state-of-the-art technology and quality of our products, our company has established the Research and Development Center. Currently we have 15 professors who work part-time, 5 doctors, 20 masters, 8 senior engineers, and the rest of the staff are college degree or above; a multi-disciplinary organically complementary research team with reasonable professional matching has been primary formed. The R & D Center is well-equipped and in good basic conditions. There are medical laboratory equipment, 3D printer, special processing instruments and machine tools, and various inspection and test equipment. The center has in-depth and extensive scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges with more than dozens of domestic scientific research institutions and hospitals in Shanghai.

Under the guidance of the company’s strategy, the R & D center "strengthens the construction of medical platform and cultivates the core production technology; be based on the optimization of device technology to serve the medical production market; focus on the end user value, leading the internal and external market needs." The goal of the R & D center is to build an internal R & D institution of the company with national patent technology, national and industrial equipment standards, independent intellectual property rights, and independent operation of funds; build first-class puncture needle R & D institution, and march toward national enterprise R & D institution.

The R & D center is in line with the potential needs of domestic and foreign markets and the development trend of the animal protection industry, and has developed high-quality, high-tech, and high-efficiency medical equipment products for the market; Secondly, it is to continuously improve the technical research and tackle key problems of existing medical device varieties, improve technical and economic indicators, and raise the competitiveness of products; establish a community of scientific research and market, center and customer, to provide customers with quality products and services.

Global Trade and Layout

Domestic Sales


Our products are sold in China, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States, Brazil, Europe and many African countries, occupying an important position in the field of puncture needles in the world.

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