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Advanced Techniques
National brand
Orignal Brand Manufactuce
Modern system
Eighty years of technology to ensure product quality
Leading puncture needle industry, domestic leading enterprise
Advanced R & D system, breaking through international barriers
International quality system, national quality standard
Company Introduction

Shanghai SA Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing corporations specialized in injection needles and medical puncture instruments. Adhering to consummate technology, manufacturing experience and famous-brand effect of over eighty years.

Founded in the 1930s, Shanghai SA Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was comprised of Yongli Medical Device Factory, Dahua Medical Needle Factory, Victory Jinji Machine Needle Factory, Huada Medical Needle Factory, and other enterprises.



started Yongli Medical Device Factory and manufactured syringe needles.

changed its name to Shanghai Syringe Needle Factory and achieved semi-automation.

Comprehensive Support Center
Core Technology of Medical Device
Strictly control the production environment
Raw Material Selection according to National Standard
Quality management retrospective monitoring

Multi-level design of customized product
System Certification
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